Burger Recipes
Simple salmon cakes

Growing up mom used to make Salmon Cakes for us and man they were good. Every time that I make them it brings back the memories of mom opining the cans with her old hand crank can opener and hand mixing everything, then hearing the Sizzle of that cast iron skillet.

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DIY Gutter Garden

With all of the Trash that we in this world produce it's always nice to be able to recycle/reuse when ever where ever possible and this neat little DIY does just that. Below is a neat and creative way to not only plant beautiful flowers but a wonderful container garden as well.

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Join the West Virginia Citizens Defense League

Do you love the freedoms you have? Do you enjoy the feeling of being able to protect not only yourself, Family but also your loved ones? Do you believe that the Second Amendment is your right and it shall NOT be infringed upon? Are you new to Firearms and looking to learn, train and increase your knowledge?

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Food, Fish and Game Recipes
Simple White Cheese Sauce

Who doesn't like cheese? I know I do and the fact my wife and I just love, love, love a good cheese sauce makes this recipe well worth it!

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