Five pounds of Oranges now in the dehydrator

So Yesterday We decided to use up some oranges that we had gotten from the store before they started to go to pot.

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Gear Reviews
Lawei 2 LBS Sausage Stuffer

The Lawei 2 LBS Sausage Stuffer - Horizontal Kitchen Stuffing Maker Stainless Steel Meat Sausage Machine for Household or Commercial use is a well put together stuffer.

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Ramps and Red Potatoes

Around our home we enjoy potatoes, personally I enjoy red potatoes and when ramp season comes around I really enjoy some ramps and reds. Nothing better than fresh ramps be it with eggs, or just by themselves ramps make every meals better.

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Food, Fish and Game Recipes
Fried Corn, A West Virginia Favorite

Fried corn is one of my wife's family favorite supper time recipes and has been shared for generations of family members and now they have passed it onto me.

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