Dry Food Storage Using a Brake Bleeder?

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So growing up here in West Virginia during the era that we did everyone canned and dry stored everything and I do mean everything..  In Canning there are Three Canning methods and they are,  Pressure Canner, Boiling Water Canners, Atmospheric Steam Canners,  Now with that being said there are other ways to store dry goods, seasonings and powders, beans, pastas, rice and this is just one of those methods. 

The brake bleeder method can be used to pull a vacuum with just some squeezing on the handle. With the brake bleeder you use the Food Saver jar top attachment to the brake bleeder. The canning lid is not wet or boiled, is it put in place dry. Enter the contents into the jar, put the lid on, put the food saver devise on top of the lid, then pump with the vacuum pump. JUST AND FYI  ONLY USE THIS METHOD FOR DRY GOODS.  This method is meant to keep dry goods from going stale. Now with that said all though you should have great success using the brake bleeder method and now be able to use your mason jars and lids as resealable, but because there are no safe and tested methods  with reliable results, I just use them for regular dry storage.

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